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We are just two regular parents who had something unexpected happen to us: we were surprised to have a child with Down syndrome, and ended up getting a Sensory Processing Diagnosis for our son a year later. Our journey has been wild, but wonderful. We want to share our story, and hear yours too!

Episode 06 - The Community We've Found

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First, we are in desperate need of gift ideas for our parents. What are your best gift ideas??
Also, both of our kids are now sick, ironically. This of course happened the week after we released our podcast on beating cold and flu season. 
We are having Christmas dinner at our house this year, where Sharon may or may not play party games, get really competitive, and tell egregious lies in order win.
I thought that having community was unnecessary....but now realize I couldn't live without it. We love: 
- The Down syndrome Association of Northern Virgina (Lulu is on their 2019 calendar for the month of April!!)
- The other moms we've met, either through friends of friends or just simply at the pool
- The Down syndrome Diagnosis Network, especially the Rockin' Heart Heros group!
-  Our awesome attendant, Melissa
- All of our doctors, nurses and therapists, who work hard for us every day.
- Don't forget to let us know what you think, and what you do while you are listening!


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