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We are just two regular parents who had something unexpected happen to us: we were surprised to have a child with Down syndrome, and ended up getting a Sensory Processing Diagnosis for our son a year later. Our journey has been wild, but wonderful. We want to share our story, and hear yours too!

Episode 07 - #wouldntchangeathing Christmas video

Click to listen below!

We discuss our last minute Christmas shopping, and our plans to host our first Christmas dinner ever. Steve learns what a "tablescape" is, and objects to the term on principle. We review what we got the kids for Christmas, and which gifts have educational purposes vs just for fun. 

We also highlight the #wouldntchangeathing organization, which has made some wonderful videos showing kids and families with Down syndrome in a positive light. Their latest video features an intro from Michael Buble! 

And below is the original video from #wouldntchangeathing, which went viral and got over 5 million views!

Lastly, we recap the gift suggestions we received and give some listener shout outs!
We would love to hear from you - please let us know if you listen!

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