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We are just two regular parents who had something unexpected happen to us: we were surprised to have a child with Down syndrome, and ended up getting a Sensory Processing Diagnosis for our son a year later. Our journey has been wild, but wonderful. We want to share our story, and hear yours too!

Episode 04 - The Top 5 Things We Love about Having a Child with Down syndrome

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Episode Recap: 

01:00 We recap our second out of town trip in two weeks, and why going on vacation can sometimes make you want to take another vacation!

02:05: Sharon describes her first Sharon-panic over a child coughing, and what we will do now that cold and flu season is here. 

06:45: We got our 12 foot tree up! Not in any sort of easy or organized fashion (naturally), but it's up!

09:05: We describe the "Winter Wonderland" they put on in our neighborhood, with a train ride, a horse drawn carriage, Santa visits, a "Santa's helper tent", and a hot cocoa station.

14:16: The 5 Reasons we love having a child with Down syndrome!!

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Here are some pictures of us attempting to get the tree up….


This looks not at all like he’s going to fall over and spend the rest of his days in a coma.


We did it!!


I made Steve pose in front of the tree (with the ladder, of course) for scale.

Max with Santa.jpg

Max with Santa at the Winter Wonderland in our neighborhood.


Max with his elf, who helped him pick out gifts for Steve and I.


Horse drawn carriage rides

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