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We are just two regular parents who had something unexpected happen to us: we were surprised to have a child with Down syndrome, and ended up getting a Sensory Processing Diagnosis for our son a year later. Our journey has been wild, but wonderful. We want to share our story, and hear yours too!

Episode 10 - Lulu's Winter of Drama, Part 2

In this episode, we discuss:

The effect of Lulu’s seizure medication, and her subsequent hospitalization several weeks later. We also discuss why her experience with RSV didn’t follow the normal progression, and what it felt like to be in the hospital for 10 days. Finally, we wrap up with some thoughts on how that experience shaped our perception of Lulu, and what our realization was after it was over.

Some before/after photos of Lulu on steroids:

Lulu Pre Steroids 2.JPG

About a month before her Infantile Spasms. Note how small her face is!

Lulu Pre Steroids 3.JPG

A few weeks pre-seizure, rolling off her mat!


A few weeks pre-seizure. This smile was typical for Lulu at that time.


In the hospital with RSV, while still on steroids for Infantile Spasms. This blank look was typical for that period.

Lulu Post Steroids 2.JPG

A few weeks after getting out the hospital.

Lulu Post Steroids 1.JPG

After several months, she regained enough strength to lift her head again, but this was the closest we got to a smile until about June of 2016.

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