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We are just two regular parents who had something unexpected happen to us: we were surprised to have a child with Down syndrome, and ended up getting a Sensory Processing Diagnosis for our son a year later. Our journey has been wild, but wonderful. We want to share our story, and hear yours too!

Episode 14 - The Official, Ultimate, Trademarked, Pro/Con List to Having the Flu

In this episode, we discuss:

We have some fun this week discussing how we handled most of the house coming down with the flu, and how a fever led Sharon to come up with her Official, Ultimate, Pro/Con List (TM). Sharon claims that having the flu led her to believe in the power of a jinx, feel some strange combination of free and powerful...but also made her realize she still needs her Mom. Steve realizes that being Mr. Mom was a bit more work than he was expecting, and wonders if Max is expecting him to become his permanent "roomie". 

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